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David and Allison DeJong

David grew up in New Mexico and Allison in Colorado. David worked four years with an organization that ministers to military personnel before God directed him to missionary aviation. (He had considered aviation ministry during high school.) Before coming to MMS, Allison served as children’s education director at the church they attended. Her primary responsibility now is care of their infant daughter.

At MMS, David is an apprentice aircraft mechanic and plans to serve in missionary aviation as a maintenance specialist.


Mark and Janelle Heikoop

Born in Ontario, Canada, Mark Heikoop spent three of his teen years in Belgium where his family was involved in missionary work. Upon their return to Canada, Mark joined the family business where he realized his forte was construction and maintenance. With a heart for missions, he went on mission trips to Uruguay and Zambia. In Zambia Mark met Janelle who was a nurse and midwife at a clinic there. Mark obtained his FAA A&P Mechanic Certificate at the School of Missionary Aviation Technology in Michigan and is building maintenance experience at MMS.


Mark is preparing to serve as an aircraft maintenance specialist.

Ryan and Mary Hokuf

Ryan grew up in Maryland and Mary in upstate New York. Both were raised in strong Christian home environments. They met while attending Cedarville University where both earned Mechanical Engineering degrees. Their desire to serve in missionary aviation grew out of wanting others to come to faith in Christ, recognition of their abilities, and an interest in aviation.

Ryan is pursuing service as a Pilot/Mechanic in missionary aviation.

Bryan and Maria Martin

Bryan and Maria met at work, where Bryan the mechanic kept deliberately messing up the paperwork to talk to Maria the secretary. It worked, and they got married in 2013. Bryan has felt called by God to mission aviation since 2007 but was too stubborn to follow the call. In January of 2019 God worked anew in Bryan’s heart and after praying about it with his wife, decided to obey and trust God in this next step. Bryan and Maria live near Lancaster PA and have two children, Frederick age 3, and Aria age 2 months. It is their goal to bring glory to God by using the tool of aviation. 

Jason and Anita Maust

Both from Ohio, Jason and Anita have, along with their regular employment, been involved in youth ministry almost 20 years at their local church. Jason’s work experience includes consulting and sales for a large lumber company. Along with a passion for ministry, Jason developed a keen interest in aviation. These led to preparation for missionary aviation service at MMS.

Having studied the French language 10 years during his schooling, Jason desires to serve as a missionary pilot/mechanic where French is spoken. Oui.


Dan and Surimana Neely

Dan and Suri both have Christian parents and both placed their faith in Christ at an early age. Dan grew up in north east Ohio, has an Associate Degree in Business, and has worked in the printing industry and as a machinist. As a youngster Dan developed a love for aviation and later obtained a pilot certificate.

Suri grew up in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Her father is a pastor and Suri attended a bilingual (Spanish/English) Christian school. Dan and Suri met online and discovered their mutual interest in missionary service.

Dan plans to serve as a missionary pilot/mechanic.

Keith and Jenny Woockman

Keith calls South Dakota home and Jenny is from St. Louis. Keith attended a Bible college in St. Louis and met Jenny at the church she attended. Both had gone on short-term mission trips but did not see themselves becoming missionaries. The Woockmans were in youth ministry six years before pursuing missionary aviation. During Keith’s first year in Bible college, however, a former missionary pilot introduced Keith to the needs of mission aviation.

Keith is pursuing service as a Pilot/Mechanic in missionary aviation.


Josh and Janice Snader

Growing up in southeast Pennsylvania, Josh was always fascinated by the missionary biographies he read.  Longing for adventure, he dreamed of where in the world he might be able to serve. God had many more lessons for Josh, and impressed on him the reality of eternal consequences. Josh met Janice while on a short term missions trip. Today they are living in Goshen, Indiana, with one daughter and another baby on the way.  Josh will be an apprentice at MMS.