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President's Pen - Dwight Jarboe Dwight

Throughout its history MMS Aviation has been asked to refurbish airplanes to prepare them for mission field service. From small two-seat airplanes to 28 passenger Douglas DC-3s our mechanics have restored and modified planes to meet mission organization needs. These aircraft have been used in various countries in Africa, South America, the Asia Pacific, as well as North America.

The Cessna 206 on floats you see on page two is typical of planes we prepare for use in missionary work. Well, in one sense it is typical and in another it isnít. Itís typical in that an airplane needing repair and modification, was sent to MMS for field preparation. It isnít typical because itís being sent out on a set of floats. Weíve repaired floats before, maintained floatplanes as well, but this is the first plane MMS has equipped with floats to send to a missionary aviation program.

This Cessna floatplane is a beauty. Iím extremely pleased by the high quality of workmanship our mechanics achieved in its restoration under the leadership of Ian Hengst.

Occasionally missionary aircraft are involved in mishaps. Most of these accidents happen without injury to pilots and passengers and leave the plane damaged but repairable. MMS has responded quite a few times by sending mechanics to the broken airplane or having it sent to our Coshocton facility for repair.

When a well equipped missionary aviation shop is available, it makes sense to send a team to repair a plane where it operates. Such was not the case with the Cessna model 207 on page three; therefore it was shipped to us for repair.

Itís rare for MMS mechanics to be involved in an airplaneís retrieval, but MMS Staff, Dale Coates, led a team to Gabon that disassembled the plane and secured it in a shipping container. Once the airplane arrived, he supervised the crew who repaired it.

Procuring repair parts in a timely manner is always a vital part of completing a large project like this one. Dale and his crewmembers did a great job avoiding parts related delays. They, like the floatplane team, finished their work achieving a high standard of quality.

The Cessna 207 is another beauty. However, the beauty of both of these airplanes is more than skin deep. Pretty is as pretty does, and these planes will be used to show Godís love by meeting a variety of transportation needs in Brazil and Gabon. Rejoice with us as the Cessna 206 floatplane joins the Asas de Socorro fleet, and as the air Calvary Cessna 207 returns to serve the Bongolo Hospital.

Dwight Jarboe
President & CEO  

From left to right: Gospel Carrier Internationalís Cessna 310 is moved to Hangar A, another
Cessna 310 is prepared to depart for Haiti, and the Asas 206 is readied for further flights.

Prayer and Praise

Praise God

... for the return of Asas de Socorroís Cessna 206 to ministry in Brazil and Air Calvaryís Cessna 207 to ministry in Gabon, Africa.

... for acceptance of Dan & Juli Pottner as part of our apprenticeship program.

Please Pray

... for wisdom for MMS leadership as they oversee the administrative, training, and operational aspects of our ministry.

... for perseverance for our staff and apprentice mechanics as they face the very real challenges inherent in the maintenance, modification, and repair of missionary airplanes.

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