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Air Calvary’s Cessna 207 Returns to Africa Africa Map

Just as the Asas 206 was readied for its trip to Brazil, Air Calvary’s Cessna 207 began its series of flights in preparation for its return to Africa.

Damaged in a landing accident in Gabon, Africa, a team of our mechanics traveled to Gabon last year to disassemble, crate, and ship the airplane to MMS.

With seven months of restoration and repair completed, Steve Straw, Air Calvary’s pilot-mechanic, arrived to put the airplane through its paces in the sky over Coshocton County.

With all systems and components working properly, Steve is arranging the details necessary to fly the airplane back to Gabon, Africa for continued use in partnership with Bongolo Hospital.

Supervisor Dale Coates led this project from start to finish along with Josh Adelsberger, Chuck Egbert, Phil Maddux, Paul Gettle, and Andy Swanson.

Josh makes repairs inside the fuselage.

Chuck, Josh, Dale, and Andy S. “swarm” the 206.

Dale removes rivets with his air drill.

Air Calvary’s Cessna 207 leaves the runway at Coshocton County Airport.

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