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Earlier this year, apprentice mechanic Mark Beckwith drew on his engineering background and familiarity with aircraft blueprints to help project supervisor Mike Dunkley plan the Cessna 402 spar strap installation. The spar strap kit included a rather complex drawing that covered several Cessna models. Mark and Mike invested quite a few hours deciphering the data to make sure a misunderstanding of the drawing wouldn’t jeopardize the installation later. Interestingly, an apprentice instructing his supervisor doesn’t seem out of place at MMS Aviation. Good planning and quality of the finished product are objectives, and available resources aren’t ignored.

As 2010 draws to a close, I’m excited about the year ahead! Over the past twelve months I’ve seen a lot of growth here at MMS Aviation that, I believe, will make 2011 a pretty special year. Even though two families joined us this year, this growth hasn’t been numeric; it was in our ability to better serve the mission aviation community.

MMS has grown in the variety and quality of aircraft maintenance services we offer. There are two reasons for this. First, staff members bring skills gained through years of experience; and, second, they share them with coworkers to grow the corporate knowledge and skill level—as seen in the above story. The depth of aircraft maintenance experience embodied in MMS’ staff is amazing!

We’ve grown in our relationship with regulatory agencies, especially the Federal Aviation Administration. Tim Obarow accepted the assignment as our repair station Accountable Manager at the beginning of 2010, and he and Chief Inspector Dennis Satterthwaite work well with FAA oversight personnel. An independent repair station audit in July by Mission Safety International has been a great help.

There has been growth in the quality of leadership at all levels of the organization. This is intentional. Monthly meetings of hangar staff and administration, bi-weekly meetings of senior management, and our everyday conversations give us opportunity to encourage one another to be better leaders. Our focus is on being leaders as much as conducting leadership.

We are as committed as ever to see the wonderful message of Christmas proclaimed everywhere. Aircraft still provide access to hundreds of thousands of people around this planet. So, here at MMS Aviation we’ll keep preparing people and planes for worldwide mission service.

Grateful for this past year and eagerly anticipating the next,

Dwight Jarboe
President & CEO  

Terry and Josh position GCI's Cessna 310 for departure.

Prayer and Praise

Praise God

... for your generous gifts and faithful prayers that will soon make it possible to “Raise the Roof” at MMS.

... for the successful Rapid Response trips to Africa, Haiti, and Alaska.

... for the Linkleter family being accepted into the apprenticeship program.

Please Pray

... for the health of our staff and apprentices as several families have members under medical care.

... for the financial challenges faced by our families in meeting increased health insurance premiums.

... for the MMS Board of Directors as they discern the future needs of mission aviation and determine how MMS can best meet them.

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