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Maintenance Update

SMAT Cessna 210
The School of Missionary Aviation Technology (SMAT) flew their Cessna 210 in to undergo annual inspection and repairs. Terry McClary, Josh Adelsberger, and Tim Obarow conducted the inspection, made the repairs, and returned the aircraft to service preparing tomorrow’s missionary pilots.

(Left) Mike and Josh repair a Piper Aztec. (Right) Terry prepares to
remove the right main wheel from the SMAT 210’s landing gear.

Cessna 402: Northeastern US and Canada
Mike Dunkley, Jim Newman, Andy Porter, and Mark Beckwith have pushed ahead on the spar strap project on Wings With The Word’s Cessna 402. With the modification completed on the left wing, they’ll soon finish measuring, positioning, and drilling the 200 precision holes necessary to secure the spar strap in position beneath the right wing.

Andy Porter works on the Cessna 402 spar strap installation.

LAMP Cessna 337
The LAMP 337 project is nearly completed. Dennis Satterthwaite, Chuck Egbert, Scott Grote, Paul Jones, and Paul Gettle are making the final push to complete the project. By the time you read this the airplane should be back in mission service.

(Center) The Cessna 337 prior to roll-out and run-up. (Clockwise from upper right) Paul G.
completes some wiring work on the Cessna 337. Paul and Scott hoist the Cessna 337
engine they just overhauled. Jim repairs the Cessna 337 throttle quadrant. Chuck installs new
cabin windows in the Cessna 337. Dennis and Mark install a new de-ice boot on the Cessna 337.

Other Projects
Dale Coates and Ian Hengst were involved in several of the other recent projects, including Gospel Carrier International’s King Air 200 and Cessna 172, Asas de Socorro’s Cessna 206, and Pfiefer Evangelistic Association’s Aztec.

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