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The “Raise The Roof” Campaign Continues

Thank you for your generous gifts and prayers toward providing the financial resources necessary to complete our “Raise the Roof” campaign. Your response has been phenomenal with the majority of funding already received! While we’re getting closer to meeting the overall need, increased costs for installation of Hangar A’s new door and replacement of essential equipment has raised our final campaign goal to $140,000. We continue to receive donations toward the project daily and have several grant requests submitted for consideration. With your prayerful support we hope to have all the funding in-house and the hangar door installed before winter with the remaining renovations to be completed in spring.  

MMS Sends Rapid Response Teams to Africa, Haiti,
and Alaska in Support of Mission Aviation

Shipping Cessna 207
The damaged 207 rests in the dirt after its forced landing in Gabon. (left) Paul, Andy, and Dale with the
Cessna 207 ready to be packed inside the container for shipment back to MMS.

Cessna 207, Gabon, Africa
A missionary pilot with Air Calvary suffered a loss of power during a flight and made a forced landing on a former ultra-light airstrip. While no one was hurt during the emergency landing, the aircraft suffered substantial damage as the right wing came into contact with several fence posts, a taxi-cab, and finally a light post. The aircraft tail structure was bent by the impact forces of the various collisions, the tire assembly was torn from the right main landing gear, and the right wing and control surfaces were shredded and bent.

In response to Air Calvary’s request for help, MMS sent Dale Coates, Paul Jones, and Andy Porter to Gabon, Africa, where they disassembled the aircraft and packed it in a shipping container to be sent to MMS for repair and restoration. Lord willing, the airplane will arrive at our facility before the New Year.  

Cessna 206 Shipping
Dave and Brian disassemble the Cessna 206 in Haiti. (left)
Ian and Dave with the 206 secured in its shipping container.

Cessna 206, Haiti
Damaged during earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, this Cessna 206 was purchased from an aviation insurance company by Missionary Flights International. Damaged beyond airworthiness, the airplane needed to be disassembled and loaded in a container for shipment to MFI’s base in Florida. Once in Florida, the MFI staff will repair and restore the aircraft to service.

Ian Hengst and Dave Shelly responded to the call and made a Rapid Response trip to Haiti, to assist MMS graduate Brian Lites with the disassembly and containerization of the aircraft.

Cessna 182, Alaska
As this issue was going to press Chuck Egbert was on Rapid Response in Alaska overseeing an engine installation on a Cessna 182 used for mission service.

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