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It was a gorgeous July Ohio summer morning. The cloudless sky was about as blue as can be imagined; and, even though it would be quite warm later, the air had a refreshing coolness. Arriving at the MMS Aviation facility a bit before our 7:30 AM start time, apprentice mechanic, Ben Fisher, had the place all opened and ready for the day’s activity.

As I pulled into my customary parking spot, the big new door on Hangar A was hard to miss. It was open to take advantage of the fresh air and the light flooding the hangar. That one-piece door also closes and seals tightly and will help lower our energy bills this winter. I really like that! The new roof over the original part of Hangar A and the offices has more insulation than before which will help as well. These improvements were made possible through the amazing response to our “Raise the Roof” campaign.

Benefits of “Raise the Roof” go well beyond the new door and roof. A newer fork lift, a scissor lift, and tractor for lawn mowing and snow removal were part of the fund-raising campaign. Shop tools to enhance our ability to restore airplanes were also included.

In mid-June I watched a few minutes as MMS Staff member, Jim Newman, checked wiring of radios in the Brigade Air Cessna 172. The test boxes he used were “Raise the Roof” tools. Test equipment to dynamically balance propellers and test alternators was also part of the project.

Contributions came from many individuals, churches and businesses. There were also grants from several foundations. All these combined to meet the $140,000 goal. Realizing the past year was not the best of economic times, we are humbled as well as greatly encouraged. The response to “Raise the Roof” shows God’s provision as He enabled many to give, and we are grateful.

Quite often as I walk through the MMS Aviation facility, I think of the amazing stories behind tools, equipment, and the facility itself. It is gratifying to know these material things help speed the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world through missionary aviation.

Dwight Jarboe
President & CEO



Prayer and Praise

Please Pray

... for the Heath, Linkletter, Maddux and Spratt families as they raise support to join MMS.

... for the safe delivery of Asas de Socorro’s amphibious Cessna 206 to Manaus, Brazil.

... for the perseverance for our maintenance crew working on the Cessna 402 and for the airplane’s ultimate return to ministry with Wings With The Word.

Praise God

... for the completed installation of the new door and new roof on Hangar A.

... for the return-to-service of Brigade Air’s restored Cessna 172.

... for the acceptance of the Maddux family as part of our hangar staff and the Spratt family as part of our apprenticeship program.

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