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Maintenance Update

GCIís King Air is positioned in Hangar A.

Gospel Carrier International: Super King Air 200
Gospel Carrier International brought their King Air in for scheduled maintenance and to have troubleshooting performed on its bleed air system. In the course of performing the routine maintenance an additional discrepancy was discovered and addressed before returning the airplane to service. Tim Obarow, Bob Schwartz, Terry McClary, and Ben Fisher were involved in this project.  

The Pfeiferís Aztec undergoes troubleshooting.

Pfeifer Evangelical Association: Piper Aztec
John Pfeifer brought the Aztec in so our mechanics could troubleshoot a high oil pressure reading on one of its engines. After identifying the problem, Tim and Terry quickly corrected the issue and returned the airplane to service.  

(Left) Chuck and Andy install the right engine on the Cessna 402.
(Right) Mark installs the 402ís left main landing gear.

Wings With The Word: Cessna 402 Since our last report structural repairs to the engine compartments were completed, the engines were hung, and the main landing gear was installed and rigged.

However, the continuing airframe inspection revealed several additional areas that need maintenance. These new repairs create challenges for Wings With The Word as they desire to have their airplane back in service, and for our mechanics Mike Dunkley, Jim Newman, Chuck Egbert, Andy Porter, and Mark Beckwith as they focus on completing the project in as quickly and as professionally as possible.

Ben and Paul G. repair the 402ís horizontal stabilizer.

Missionary Air Group: Cessna 206
MMS Aviation graduate, Paul Jones, now a member of Missionary Air Group, is using our facility to prepare one of MAGís Cessna 206s for ministry in Guatemala. Paul will use the airplane to open remote villages and towns to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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