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Air Calvary’s Cessna 207 Project Nears the Half-way Point

Used as a critical aerial life-line supporting the work and evangelical outreach of Bongolo Hospital in Gabon, Africa, Air Calvary’s Cessna 207 provides a primary means of safe and comfortable transportation to and from the hospital.

According to a local Gabonese pastor, driving from the capital city of Libreville to Bongolo Hospital takes more than twelve hours on roads in such bad condition that it’s not unusual for sutures to open or for post-surgery complications to develop just because of the drive. Air Calvary’s 207 takes that dangerous and hazardous 12 hour drive and turns it into a smooth and safe flight of only 90 minutes.

Andy, Dale, and Chuck work inside the 207’s cabin.

Working from nose to tail and wingtip to wingtip Dale Coates, Josh Adelsberger, Andy Swanson, Paul Gettle, and Chuck Egbert continue to push this project toward completion.

Repairs have progressed far enough to allow the engine and landing gear to be put back in place.

MMS Sends A Rapid Response Team to Zambia, Africa

A view of the engine exchange in CMML’s hanger adjacent to the Kalene mission and hospital

Josh Adelsberger and Paul Gettle spent four weeks in Zambia, Africa, assisting Christian Missions in Many Lands (CMML) with an engine exchange on their Cessna 207. Josh actually overhauled the fresh engine in our hangar in last year and shipped it over to CMML in preparation for the event.

The engine exchange was accomplished without incident and Josh and Paul were able to send the airplane back into mission service prior to their return to the United States.

(Upper) Josh pulls the old engine from the 207. (Lower) Paul prepares the new engine.

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