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Brigade Air’s Cessna 172 Is Restored and Dedicated for Ministry

While the airplanes we work on can be larger or smaller in size, the job to repair them is very seldom simple or quick. Such was the case with the Brigade Air Cessna 172 project. While “smaller” in size as an airplane, the repair and restoration of their donated Cessna 172 still required a substantial investment of time, energy, and resources.

Brigade Air’s Cessna 172 enters the early stages of repair and restoration.

Paul & Jim move the 172 fuselage to the paint booth.

Brigade Air introduces teenagers to flight while mobilizing them for future involvement in mission aviation. Brigade accomplishes this through organizing, coordinating, and leading aviation experiences in partnership with Christian summer camps throughout the United States and in several international locations.

Staffed by Christian pilots, missionaries, and volunteers, the week blends an emphasis on faith, spiritual growth, and evangelism with the practical application of aviation presented as a means of speeding the Good News of Jesus Christ to those having yet to hear.

For several years, MMS partnered with Brigade Air by providing aircraft and camp leaders from our own personnel. It was our pleasure this year to also prepare Brigade Air’s first organizationally-owned aircraft for use during the 2011 camp season.

Terry, Jim, and Scott prep the wings for paint.

After inspection and reassembly, Tim, Ben, Jim, and Terry reinstall the engine.

Many hands have had a part in this project to include Paul Gettle, Jim Newman, Scott Grote, Tim Obarow, Terry McClary, Andy Porter, Ben Fisher, and Mark Beckwith.

Brigade also has mentoring clubs in seventy locations around the US that continue this process of maturation and mobilization year round.

Thank you for helping us help Brigade Air reach tomorrow’s missionary mechanics and pilots through your ongoing gifts and prayers.

After inspection and reassembly, Tim, Ben, Jim, and Terry reinstall the engine.

The Cessna 172 takes off for a flight.

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