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The “Raise The Roof” Campaign Reaches Its Goal!

Thank you for your gifts and prayers resulting in our goal of $140,000 being raised to purchase critically needed equipment; replace the thirty year old roof on Hangar A; and to install a lighter, self-powered, energy efficient main hangar door. Lord willing, the actual door installation and roof replacement will be underway as you read this.

Other equipment already purchased: ten new laptop computers to facilitate the effectiveness of our maintenance crews, a newer used forklift, and a nearly new scissors lift. Each of these have already been in use for several months. It’s such a blessing to have dependable equipment and trustworthy tools. Thank you for your commitment and generosity in making these improvements and upgrades possible.


Paul Jones Completes Apprenticeship

Paul Jones completed his thirty months of apprenticeship and has been accepted to serve with Missionary Air Group in Guatemala.


The Hengst Family Returns to Florida

After nine years of service as Team Leader and a Project Supervisor, Ian Hengst has accepted the position of Director of Maintenance with Missionary Flights International (MFI), in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Ian served as a pilot/mechanic with MFI prior to beginning service with MMS.


The Swansons Arrive

Andy, Heather, Abigail and Matthew Swanson arrived from Scotland in January to begin apprenticeship. Andy is committed to serve with MAF as a maintenance specialist.


The Fishers Arrive

Ben, Caroline, Jonas and Lucy Fisher arrived from Missouri in March to begin apprenticeship. Ben will ultimately serve on the field as a pilot/mechanic.

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